Online Catalog
for Multichannel listing
on eBay, Amazon,
and Walmart

Create or export products into Sales Channels M2E Cloud Catalog and start listing on multiple platforms in a few clicks.
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eBay products listing
Inventory Management

Create your Catalog
in the app

If you were wondering how to sell products online without a website, Catalog is the right call. You can organize your online inventory in a single place. Easily add new products or export existing ones from Channels to the app.
Inventory management

Add products in the most convenient way

You can create each product manually right in the Catalog or import products in bulk via CSV file. Simply import a file with the list of your inventory. If you have the same products on different Channels, after they’re imported into the Catalog.
Inventory management

Manage Catalog products effortlessly

Catalog gives you full control over your products. You can change their prices and quantities, assign attributes, check sales analytics, manage images, and more. If you have big inventory, you can quickly manage products in bulk.
Multilistins software

Easily list products across Channels

After you set up your Catalog, you can start listing products on eBay, Amazon and Walmart in a few clicks. eBay category autosuggestion and Amazon Product type autosuggestion will help you quickly set up products to be listed on Channels.

List products with
multi-language info

You can easily set up your multilanguage product Catalog without creating thousands of identical products. Just add translated information and Sales Channels will list a product with translated data to a corresponding marketplace.
Inventory Management

Sell on multiple

List items from Amazon to eBay, from eBay to Amazon. The listing software allows you to start selling on multiple Channels in a few minutes. You can track where a product is selling best and if needed convert Amazon listings to eBay or vice versa.

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