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M2E Cloud is free for early birds. What does it mean?
As an early M2E Cloud user, you can take advantage of the special offer and get access to all features for free. When the app becomes paid, we will notify you two months prior via email.
Do I need a subscription to use M2E Cloud?
With an early-bird offer, no subscription is required to sign up and use M2E Cloud. If you decide to continue using the solution after the free period is over, you will have to subscribe to one of the available pricing plans.
How can I register an M2E Cloud account?
Create an account on the signup page. Then you’ll need to verify your email address to complete the registration. The verification email will be available in your inbox.
Do I need a Shopify/BigCommerce store to use M2E Cloud?
Connecting M2E Cloud to Shopify/BigCommerce is optional. The app allows you to set up your own Catalog and use it as a primary source for price and quantity updates on eBay, Amazon & Walmart.
Is it safe to synchronize inventory through M2E Cloud?
The app gives you full control over the synchronization process. Your Channel products will not be updated unless you enable automatic item management yourself.
Can I keep my active Channel listings and upload them to M2E Cloud?
The app imports your listings, so you may continue selling without any interruptions and maintain your sales ranks. Channel items are automatically linked to the ones from your Shopify/BigCommerce catalog.
Can I use M2E Cloud alongside other third-party solutions?
To test out the sync flow of M2E Cloud, you can select some of your items to be managed by the app. This way, you won’t interrupt sales or synchronization processes performed by your current solution. To avoid double synchronization issues, you shouldn’t use two similar solutions to synchronize your entire inventory at the same time.
Is it possible to connect M2E Cloud to my product catalog?
If you have an external inventory management app, you can connect it to M2E Cloud through API to automate price and quantity updates on Channels. Whenever you make any changes, they will be immediately sent to eBay, Amazon, and Walmart via our Catalog app.