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M2E Cloud seamlessly integrates your Shopify and BigCommerce store with eBay. No need for special skills or tutorials. Start managing your Shopify inventory&orders and connect with eBay marketplaces in a few minutes.
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M2E Cloud seamlessly integrates your Shopify and BigCommerce store with eBay. No need for special skills or tutorials. Start managing your Shopify inventory&orders and connect with eBay marketplaces in a few minutes.
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How your business will benefit

List items on eBay without a hitch

  • List items from Shopify via eBay connector in a couple of clicks
  • Add, edit, and manage products in bulk
  • Get tracking details synced via eBay integration software
  • Easily set up listings with eBay Category autosuggestion
eBay integration software
import, export eBay orders

Easily handle eBay orders

  • Leverage automatic eBay orders import
  • Track order and shipment status updates
  • Get tracking details synced with your platforme

Profit from eBay Parts Compatibility

  • List parts and accessories for the compatible vehicles
  • Manage ePIDs/kTypes from a product cards
  • Apply filters for a more efficient searchw
eBay for auto parts
eBay policies

Find your profitable strategy

  • Set preferences on how you sell and ship
  • Create an unlimited number of selling policies
  • Experiment with policies and find the most profitable

Start selling globally

M2E Cloud allows you to sell on 25 major eBay marketplaces, including eBay Motors:
Flag of USA United States
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of  Canada Canada
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of France France
Flag of Mexico Mexico
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Japan Japan
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of  Belgium Belgium
Flag of Singapore Singapore
Flag of UAE UAE
India India
Flag of Brazil Brazil
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Why you should choose M2E Cloud integration

Easy to use and handy interface

Clean and user-friendly interface will save you time and effort. In a few clicks, you can set up the app and start selling on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart marketplaces.

Personalized five-star support

High-quality products and superior customer service are what make the M2E team stand out! We’ll be in touch with you whenever you need us.

From M2E Pro team developers

M2E Cloud derives from M2E Pro’s 15 years of experience – the first Magento-native solution for integrating with eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.
Use case

The problem

How to connect eBay to Amazon and back?

The solution

Use M2E Cloud that specializes in multi-channel integrations. The app synchronizes your eBay and Amazon profiles, allowing you to list Amazon items to eBay and vice versa. M2E Cloud will also make sure that any product changes are reflected on either website and inventory levels are kept up-to-date.

The problem

How to list your products using category autosuggestion?

The solution

Once you click “Add” button in M2E Sales Channels and pick the items you want to list, the app automatically suggests a relevant eBay category for each item. You may either stick with the auto-suggested category or change it if necessary. Then you’ll be able to set specifics for a chosen category and finally list your item.


How do I synchronize my eBay listings with my website?
The best way to synchronize eBay listings with a website is via a listing management tool like M2E Cloud. It helps control listings across various platforms, making it easy to keep your inventories synchronized everywhere you sell. You’ll get automated quantity and pricing updates without any manual actions on your end.
How do I use eBay listing analytics?
Go to the Seller Hub to check analytics data, the total of sales and views for the items you've listed in the past 30 days. For more thorough eBay analysis, use M2E Analytics to see in detail how well items sell and which categories bring the most profit. The app is now available for M2e Pro users in beta mode, but M2E Cloud users can also request early access.
How do I connect to eBay via M2E Cloud?
Once eBay merchant account is linked to M2E Cloud, the app imports eBay listings. You can also connect to an external store (Shopify/BigCommerce) and link store items to eBay. Alternatively, you may configure your Catalog and use it to change prices and stock levels on eBay. The final step is to enable item management, which lets M2E Cloud synchronize inventories and orders between eBay and the connected store or catalog.

User reviews

Helps to expand on new markets

M2E Cloud is a miracle platform which easily allows to list all your products on popular marketplaces and manage everything from one app in a full sync. I was delighted about how this app is easy to use and don't require hours of trainings on how to use it. Apart from that, guys from a support team is very responsive and willing to help. M2E Cloud is a true gem for ecommers sellers who want to expand on new markets. I wish M2E team much of success, tons of released features and thousends of new clients! Good luck!


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