Advanced multi-channel listing software

Expanding your customer reach across the most prominent marketplaces and listing on multiple platforms is just a few clicks away.
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Expanding your customer reach across the most prominent marketplaces and listing on multiple platforms is just a few clicks away.
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Boost online visibility

eCommerce listing software makes products available to millions of browsing and buying shoppers. Integrate with new customer-favored marketplaces to grow your customer base and extend the sales reach.

Optimize inventory management

Simple inventory management is the basic need of any seller, so we made it a no-brainer. However large is your stock, list products in a few clicks, group them by various parameters, and edit details in bulk.

Get prices

Take advantage of automated price synchronization across all linked e-platforms you sell on. Save time by managing prices on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and others from a single interface.


The software takes care of your inventory accuracy. Whenever you get an order, your inventory levels are automatically synchronized across all locations and sales channels preventing overselling.

Make products
stand out

Get your listings tailored to the needs of every particular sales channel to engage more buyers. Highlight products with some nice images and appealing descriptions to catch more eyes.
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AI descriptions for your products

Integrate your store
with new marketplaces

Use case

The problem

Managing product listings on multiple platforms can be time-consuming and error-prone. Maintaining consistency in product info and inventory across channels is challenging, leading to lost sales and operational issues.

The solution

M2E Cloud integrates all the e-commerce channels utilized by a company into a unified software solution. This simplifies the process of expanding an online presence by efficiently managing product listings, inventory, and orders across various online marketplaces and platforms. This comprehensive solution optimizes operations, reduces errors, and enables data-driven decision-making to facilitate business growth.


How to sell on multiple platforms?

First, you’ll need to create a unified listing and inventory handling system that can be used across different platforms. M2E Cloud, an e-commerce multi-channel solution, will help you. The app simplifies and automates numerous tasks associated with selling on several platforms, such as creating product listings, managing sales and inventory, and tracking performance.

What are the benefits of using M2E Cloud software for online product listings?

As a multi-channel listing solution, M2E Cloud automates creating, updating, and managing listings on numerous platforms, freeing up time for other business tasks. It also helps minimize errors and ensure listings are uniform on every channel you sell, and customers receive correct and up-to-date product info. With a variety of platforms available in M2E Cloud, you can quickly expand your business to any market or country.

User reviews

We use M2E Cloud for inventory and order management across multiple marketplaces. The app works in full sync between marketplaces so it allows us to save a lot of time when you manage huge product inventory. The app doesn’t have any product listing limitations so it suits nearly every business. Also, the app is easy enough so you don’t have to use tutorials or how-to’s.

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