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One application to unite all the platforms and channels!
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We at M2E are happy to present you our new cloud-based solution–Sales Channels. It’s the product of our enhanced study of the e-commerce industry and our close cooperation with such companies as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Magento. The application allows you to conveniently conduct your business on different platforms and marketplaces from one place.

Shopify, BigCommerce
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Supported platforms
Amazon, eBay, Walmart
Supported marketplaces

Main features

feature three Handle orders from multiple channels

Handle orders from all of your channels from Sales Channels directly: changes made to your Shopify orders will be reflected in your orders on all other channels and vice versa.

feature two Keep an eye on inventory across all channels

Link your Shopify products to Amazon, eBay, Walmart items and adjust their price and quantity from one place.

feature one Save your time managing Inventory using Groups

Group your items by product category or type, depending on the selected marketplace, to facilitate the searching process.

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Sales Channels derives from M2E Pro experience
M2E Team wants to open a door to new e-commerce platforms. Sales Channels is the first step in this direction. Creating Sales Channels, we used our experience with M2E Pro. It’s a Magento-native solution for selling on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.
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A cloud-driven platform with solutions for

e-commerce businesses

After 14 years in the market, we decided to create a new platform that will combine all our best practices accumulated over the years. With the help of our new solutions, we're planning to broaden the range of platforms we cooperate with and increase the number of marketplaces we support.
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