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Expand your product catalog and get entire inventory from eBay/Amazon/Walmart imported straight to your Shopify store. M2E Cloud offers a streamlined process for Shopify product import and synchronization of essential item data.
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Upload multiple
Channel items

Whether you`re importing products into Shopify from eBay, Amazon, Walmart, or your own catalog, M2E Cloud simplifies the task. With just three clicks, you can bulk upload product information, including titles, prices, quantities, product types, and pictures, straight to a Shopify profile.

sync data

Automatically link items from the Catalog or Channel to your Shopify items and conveniently sync inventories (pricing, stock, and other details) from multiple stores in a single app. The changes you make in Shopify are instantly reflected on Channels. No more switching between different platforms or struggling with data inconsistencies.

Enjoy fast bulk
upload via CSV

M2E Cloud supports Shopify CSV import, ensuring a smooth and error-free transfer of your product data. Simply upload a CSV file to M2E Cloud Catalog and then list imported items to Shopify all at once. The entire process takes only a couple of clicks.

Automate order import
and processing

Importing orders into Shopify is also possible with M2E Cloud. You can set the application to create an order in a Shopify admin once the customer places an order on the Channel. Order statuses and tracking numbers are auto-synced between Shopify and Channels.
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Use case

The problem

Can I sell Shopify products on Amazon or eBay?

The solution

Yes, you can use M2E Cloud to upload your Shopify catalog to both eBay and Amazon in several clicks. The only requirement is to create Amazon/eBay merchant accounts and link them to M2E Cloud. The app will import items from Shopify, so you can get them listed to either website with minimal effort.


How to import products into Shopify?
You can do it either manually in a Shopify admin or use a third-party app specially designed for importing products to Shopify. M2E Cloud makes the item import process more efficient for your specific needs. The app lets you upload items from Channels like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart or through a CSV file in bulk right to a Shopify catalog without extra hassle.
How to import eBay listings to Shopify?
Use M2E Cloud to easily import products from eBay to Shopify. Once you add an eBay profile, the app will auto-download your inventory. Then you may start uploading it to Shopify by selecting the items for import and setting a fitting product type. eBay listings, along with all item data, will become accessible in Shopify.
Is it free to import Amazon products to Shopify?
You can perform the import with a free Starter plan of M2E Cloud. The Starter plan also gives you free access and the opportunity to test the platform and see whether the import capabilities suit your needs.

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M2E Cloud is a miracle platform which easily allows to list all your products on popular marketplaces and manage everything from one app in a full sync. I was delighted about how this app is easy to use and don`t require hours of trainings on how to use it. Apart from that, guys from a support team is very responsive and willing to help. M2E Cloud is a true gem for ecommers sellers who want to expand on new markets. I wish M2E team much of success, tons of released features and thousends of new clients! Good luck!


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