Seamless Shopify inventory integration in a few clicks

Easily connect your Shopify store to M2E Cloud platform without any tutorials. In 5 minutes, you’ll get full control over your inventory, orders, and sales directly from a single interface.
Easily connect your Shopify store to M2E Cloud platform without any tutorials. In 5 minutes, you’ll get full control over your inventory, orders, and sales directly from a single interface.

Optimize listing and inventory management

  • Manage Shopify & Channel listings from a single interface
  • Apply flexible price and QTY settings for a specific channel

Automate order management

  • Get your Shopify linked to Amazon, eBay, and Walmart to manage all orders in one place.
  • Get real-time order status updates
  • Filter orders by various parameters for faster processing

Get full control over stock

  • Easily supervise your stock on different levels
  • Automatically update price and QTY changes on Shopify
  • Get reports about your sales from specific channels

List products on Shopify and other platforms

  • Get your Shopify inventory imported into the app
  • List imported Shopify products on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart in a few quick steps
  • Easily create new listings on Shopify
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Sell Shopify products on Amazon, eBay and Walmart
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M2E Cloud Shopify integration

Easy to use and handy interface

Clean and user-friendly interface will save you time and effort. In a few clicks, you can set up the app and start selling on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart marketplaces.

Personalized five-star support

High-quality products and superior customer service are what make the M2E team stand out! We’ll be in touch with you whenever you need us.

From M2E Pro team developers

M2E Cloud derives from M2E Pro’s 15 years of experience – the first Magento-native solution for integrating with eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

Integrate your store
with new marketplaces

Use case
The problem
Can I sell Shopify products on Amazon or eBay?
The solution
Yes, you can use M2E Cloud to upload your Shopify catalog to both eBay and Amazon in several clicks. The only requirement is to create Amazon/eBay merchant accounts and link them to M2E Cloud. The app will import items from Shopify, so you can get them listed to either website with minimal effort.


Can I link Shopify with Amazon?

External applications like M2E Cloud help you integrate Shopify storefront with Amazon. There is no need for technical skills. Your only task is to link store profiles – the app will do the remaining job, such as importing Shopify and Amazon inventories, as well as auto-linking them with each other, so you can begin managing all listings in a single location.

How much does it cost to use Shopify?

Shopify offers different subscription plans to fit various business needs and budgets. The standard plan begins at $29 per month, while the more proficient plans, such as Advanced and Plus, can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly. Apart from the monthly subscription fees, be ready to pay payment processing fees.

How to connect Shopify to Walmart?

M2E Cloud allows linking Shopify storefront to Walmart quickly. Once you connect both accounts, the app uploads entire inventories and auto-links Walmart and Shopify items based on an item ID. Then you can turn on item synchronization for all items in bulk or only for particular ones, so orders, price & quantity updates are shared between the two platforms.

Can I import my Shopify product inventory to eBay?

With M2E Cloud, you’ll import Shopify storefront inventory, including pictures, descriptions, and pricing to eBay in several steps. The app allows listing Shopify items on eBay and auto-syncing inventories and orders between the two platforms. You’ll be able to efficiently handle your sales from one app without switching between channels.

User reviews

Helps to expand on new markets

The app is amazing because it enabled me to do the following with lightning speed:
1. Connect my 40k products to amazon asisns and list dem via GTIN and EAN codes.
2. Increase my sales via amazon by about 30% by connecting the marketplace in lightining speed.
3. Real time updates for prices and quantities.
4. Dynamic filtering options allowing me to view amazon marketplace issues for certain product groups.
Their support has been stellar as they even added a new upload feature within 48 hours which I required to further segment my catalogue.
I can only recommend this app to everyone looking to integrate AMZ.


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