Boost sales
productivity with handy M2E Analytics (Beta)

Get an organized view of your business metrics within a simple yet powerful M2E Analytics tool. Gain detailed insights into your sales operations across Channels to increase revenue more efficiently. Access a comprehensive Amazon and eBay sales report from one location.
eBay products listing
Multilistins software

Analyze performance on multiple Channels

Use a centralized dashboard to review eBay and Amazon marketplace analytics, as well as Shopify and BigCommerce (coming soon). Inspect the number of total sales & orders and the canceled orders’ rate, compare sales data by Channel, and more. Keep an eye on key metrics over any timeframe you need.
Inventory management

Check how well your
products sell

Quickly check your top-selling and most-canceled products on eBay and Amazon. Filter your product data by brand and category to get a full picture of your product performance. Use this info to identify trends, pinpoint areas of improvement, and find out which offers need to be optimized for better sales.
Multilistins software

Gain insights into your customer base

View consumer analytics sorted by various parameters, such as country and city. Examine both the percentage and the actual number of customers depending on their location. Analyze weekly sales data and the best sales times to enhance your marketing, advertising, and promotional efforts, reach your target audience, and drive your business forward.

Integrate your store with new marketplaces

Skyrocket your sales and save time with M2E Cloud